Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Organization is Key

Every school teacher knows that organizing your room can be both beneficial not only for you but for your students as well. It was when all these wonderful students came in with their bags and bags full of school supplies did I go into a panic. Has that happened to anyone else?

After I was finished having a slight panic attack, I remembered an idea I heard from another teacher. I'm not really a big fan of the community supplies - some things I understand (paper, crayons, pencils, ziploc bags) but things like dry erase markers and special items like folders adorned with cute singers and fluffy puppies belong to that student.

I gave every student a gallon size bag with their number on it (keep me from labeling everything with a name) and told them every supply they needed to have at their desk - a couple of pencils, a few dry erase markers, glue, scissors, etc. The rest went into this bag and into the closet. That way the supplies are within reach if a student needs extra of anything but out of the way so the desk isn't overflowing with supplies.

How do you organize your school supplies?

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  1. I have just finished reading all of your 4th grade blogs. I haven't read any blogs before but I am sure I will enjoy reading yours. I'm so excited for you and I look forward to reading about all the adventures you have this school year!

    Nicole Baxter (Zach's mom)