Saturday, October 22, 2011

Classroom Management

Sorry it has been so long since my last post! Things are SUPER busy and it's hard between working at school and working at home that I have lacked in the blog department. I want to share how classroom management works in my classroom.

I have the typical stoplight but this year I added something different and it seems to really improve the positive reinforcement rather than the negative reinforcement. So much so, I've found myself not even using the stoplight! At the school I student taught at, we had character cards. When students showed good character such as being kind, helping others out, picking up a mess without being ask, etc, they were given a character punch. If students filled that card at the end of the week, the counselor would come around and call them out in the hall and they received a small prize such as a water and a Kool-Aid packet or small toy. I found these cards online and they are along the same line.

These come from:

Each student gets a card with their name on it. I keep mine on one of those binder rings and hang it by the door so that they always look at them and I can easily grab them as we leave the classroom (for hallway behavior). The students receive punches for good behavior, kinds words, helping others and when they receive 13 punches, they get into the treasure box! Now this is no ordinary treasure box - I beefed it up a little bit thanks to the dollar spot at Target ;-) I have keychains, glow sticks, homework passes, expo markers (which are coveted in my classroom), and other exciting things. I even have something in the works for students who fill up 8 total behavior cards - lunch in the classroom or something else (need some good ideas!)  I've see the positive outcome of this this year and will definitely use it in the future!

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