Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 D Shapes

Wow! I'm doing terrible with my resolution to keep this thing updated a little more haha

Well, we've been teaching 3-D shapes or solid figures and I was looking for a way to make this math concept more tactile. It's hard to have one shape, or better yet have my terrible excuse of a drawing, for all kids to look at.

Picture from: Math Experiment
I wanted to reinforce the idea of edges, faces, and vertices so marshmallows and toothpicks seemed like the perfect solution!

I gave students the shapes I wanted them to make and asked them to fill in the information about the edges, faces, and vertices. I asked questions like "What types of faces does a cube have?" and "What do the marshmallows represent?", etc. I wanted my students to make as many as they could and even allowed them to create their own shape or one that they saw in a book.

Several remarks included "I can't believe this is actually math!!" :-)

It's a great idea for reinforcement and it may seem like an activity for only younger students but mine definitely enjoyed it!

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