Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Planning!

Alright - so I don't know about you, but I've had my rest in June and now I'm feeling that itch to work on some school work since July is oh, NEXT WEEK! I seriously have in my mind that July is forever away but it's not!

I had an AWESOME trip to San Francisco! It was relaxing and beautiful, of course. If you haven't visited, make sure you put this on your "places to go" list for sure.

Here are just a few snapshots of my trip (I am TOTALLY in love with my new camera after this trip)

 Yes - the skies are really that blue! 

I've started my to-do lists for next year and here are a couple of things I will be talking about in the weeks/months to come!
1) Teacher Toolbox - I am sure everyone has seen this pin on Pinterest. Well I'm going to try to make one for my room! We'll see how it goes ;-)
2) Classroom Economy - Since I'm teaching just social studies next year, I've been thinking a classroom economy would be a great way to maintain good behavior and teach the economics concepts in our standards at the same time. I found this awesome website through a link on Pinterest - My Classroom Economy - that I'm going to use this year. Has anyone used a classroom economy before? (Thanks to Simply 2nd Resources for the idea I pinned from Pinterest)
3) Classroom Theme - I've always said my classroom theme is "learning" haha I'm not real big into it because themes change. I think though I am going to implement some sort of an idea using MAPS! I found some maps on eBay that I'm going to use as the background to my word wall letters, etc. I saw this on Etsy and think it would be a super cute idea for a social studies classroom. "Oh the places you will go!" would be super fun!

I will try, try, try to make sure you're updated on all that I am doing so make sure to check back :-)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

June Currently

WOW! I haven't posted since MARCH!

Man - life has been pretty busy! We've started and ended CRCT, had SO much fun doing fifth grade activities towards the end of school, and said goodbye with a few tears! It was SO much fun and I loved every minute of it.

I've been busy with the end of school and working on Masters work. Seems horrible to be doing schoolwork in June. I sit right now, unable to focus on work that I have to do for next week. Blehh.

Anyways, I am posting my June Currently from Oh' Boy 4th Grade's awesome website :-)

1. Listening - SOOO glad I made the decision to go back and watch the Grey's episodes! I loooove Grey's Anatomy and it's so good to see George, Izzy, and of course McDreamy haha
2. Loving - Who doesn't love summertime? I hope it goes by slowly ;-)
3. Thinking - I am super excited to be able to go see my sister again in San Francisco. If you haven't been, it's AMAZING! Definitely glad to spend time with her in such a beautiful place!
4. Wanting - I don't know about you guys but every time I say I'm going to go to the pool, it's overcast! I don't tan as it is but I'm really not tanning this way. 
5. Needing - Highs of 65? yeah I'll need to think about that
6. 3 Vacay Essentials - Who doesn't need sunglasses? And whoever invented the Maxi Dress should be praised! I own WAY too many of them but they look so darn good! 
And what goes better with a maxi dress and sunglasses than cute shoes? Am I right? 

I promise this is not the last you have heard from me! I will try to definitely post more exciting things in the months to come. Have a great summer!