Sunday, October 20, 2013

View of the Room

Well it's almost the middle of October so it's about time I actually post pictures from my room HA!

I'm teaching only Social Studies this year so I decided to include lots of maps in my room for a little bit of everything :-) I love it! Hope you love it too!

 View of my room as you enter (excuse my lunch on my desk - it looks nasty but it's Taco Bake off of Pinterest and it is SOO good) 

My desk area with baskets for each class period. I like being able to sit in the back to see everything that is going on. LOVE my teacher toolbox that holds all important items I need to grab quickly. 

Homework board and file folder holder. It now holds a lot of the documents students might need for the classroom economy such as deposit/withdrawal sheets, bank logs, etc. I love this taped off section for homework. I also post my essential questions on this board as well. I used my maps that I had purchased to make bunting. By far my favorite addition to my classroom this year. 

View of some of my student computers. Love having them on this table so everyone has their own room to work. My Vistaprint poster is in the back with my Dear Students speech on it. You can also see my classroom economy jobs and the monthly salary for each job. 

Sink area that contains space for Standards check off, birthdays, extra pencil boxes. That globe that sits on top of the container rotates and glows in the dark! It's AWESOME! I spy my Quietest Pencil Sharpener (Which is the BEST pencil sharpener EVER!). I've trained three students from each class period to be able to use it. This cuts down on the number of people who use it which will make it last longer. No complaints so far! 

Sorry this picture is a little blurry but here is a view of my Bonus Behaviors and Fines for my classroom economy. I am liking this CE because there are more ways to earn money than lose money. It was rough to start out because there is so much you have to teach the students about it. I was running it 5 times during the day which made it harder. Now that we've gotten into the swing, I really do like it. Great way to manage behavior and my students LOVED the classroom auction. It was fun and we are able to relate many things that happen throughout the year to this idea. 

Hope you have enjoyed a peak into my classroom :-) I am LOVING teaching just one subject and Social Studies is by far my favorite. It might be November until we meet again but let's hope for a sooner meeting. Happy teaching, friends! 

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